Philip Johnson’s Glass House Sculpture Gallery Re-Opens (+ Photos)

In August of 2015 I went to Philip Johnson’s Glass House with Sal, as a part of a wild week-and-a-half trip around art and architecture sites in Upstate New York. We were unable to visit the sculpture gallery in full, because it was being renovated. I’ve just heard that it’s open again, however – perhaps another trip is warranted?

Have you been to the Glass House? Will you be planning a trip now that the sculpture gallery is open?

Here are some of the photos I took on our visit. Leave a comment to let me know: could you live in a house with glass walls, if it was secluded as this one is?

The Glass House
Absolute desk goals
Andy Warhol slept here

Author: BoSanbo

I am an anthropologist and environmental psychologist interested in architecture, design, travel, and fermenting things. I sit around, drink coffee, and think about how culture can produce spaces and how spaces and produce cultures. At work, I run around, drink coffee, and build relationships between entrepreneurs, communities, and the spaces they all inhabit.

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