newheadshotI draw from a background in anthropology, psychology, and design studies to examine the intersection of human-made objects/spaces with individual personality, cultural values, and social structures. Single-field solutions no longer interest me, and I believe that stepping into the future means embracing truly category-spanning work.

My work includes meeting with educators and architects as a design programmer for schools; consulting with Makerspaces and coworkspaces on furniture and layout to support collaboration; and helping students and workshop participants become braver, broader thinkers.

I offer presentations and workshops on topics including creating collaboration spaces/policies, psychology of space and design, space and culture, design thinking, evidence-based design, and speculative design. It is my firm belief that an audience that is laughing  because of a speaker is agreeing with that speaker, at least for a moment. Smiles open minds. For a full list of presentations, click here. If you’re interested in having me present somewhere, reach out.

I’m always seeking projects with clients who have a passion for identifying problems, understanding customers, and breaking down assumptions during design and ideation. Traveling widely and learning every day are my guiding goals. I do a lot more of the latter than the former.

While I currently work as the Communications Coordinator for Cornell University’s Center for Regional Economic Advancement, all content and opinions on this site are my own.

For a more standard background file, please visit my LinkedIn profile.


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