Local Market: Foodtrepreneurs & Dairy-Free Yogurt

A quick round-up of plants, veggies, and local treats from the past weekend – including dairy-free yogurt and a local food startup.

After finally recovering from a nasty winter cold/sinus infection, I ventured out on a bright, warm Saturday with my good friend Caitlin. We went to the Ithaca Farmers Market and our local food co-op, Greenstar. Here’s a quick post to share what we got – and to tell you about one of my favorite local food startups.

Fun fact: I work at a business incubator called Rev: Ithaca Startup Works (my job is for the center at Cornell that built Rev, among other programs). Because Upstate New York is full of food and beverage startups, my job introduces me to a lot of “foodtrepreneurs.” If you’re interested in learning more about our local food innovators, leave a comment below.

This post has been brought to you by the world’s sexiest cabbage.

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Au Pif: Sprouts, Florets, & Seeds

When my food hero David Lebovitz posted a picture of these sprouts from his own farmers market in Paris and asked for advice, I couldn’t help but write up this quick and easy recipe.

When you name your cooking series Au Pif because of David Lebovitz, and then the man himself asks for food insights on Instagram, and you happen to have exactly that recipe from last week… David, if you read this, thanks for all the inspiration. I hope you enjoy your kale flower sprouts!


You may remember these little nuggets of green goodness from a previous Local Market post. According to the vendor, they are “flower sprouts,” and a cross between kale and brussels sprouts. I was advised to either steam or roast them and I chose roast. Since I had a head of cauliflower to use up, I decided to quickly roast everything together one cold weeknight last week.  When my food hero David Lebovitz posted a picture of the same sprouts from his own farmers market in Paris and asked for advice, I couldn’t help but write up this quick and easy recipe.

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Paris for New Year’s: Day 2

For New Year’s 2015, I went to Paris for eight days with my well-dressed partner in crime, Salvatore. I started to write it up last year but put my blog on hold for a while – so here is the rest of the series. You can start reading here.

This a longer post with many photos, because that’s what I personally enjoy in a travel blog. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll answer you. J’apprends le français, desole pour mes erreurs.

We rented an Air BnB in Place Dauphine for our trip, and when we woke up our first morning, I had no regrets about paying a little extra for the location. I could lean out our top-floor window and peer down into the triangular park below. People starting their day crossed the bare each between benches and little Christmas trees.


For breakfast, we ate the bounty of last night’s walk: pain levain, tiny apricots, and a sheep’s milk cheese from La Fromagerie de L’Isle. Then we set out with a particular mission in mind; my half-brother, Mark, had heard we were going to Paris and given us a card with a $20 bill inside and these instructions:

“Take this money and change it into euros. Then go an area you haven’t explored yet and walk down an interesting-looking street until you see an interesting-looking café. Go inside and get two coffees and two croissants. Look up and take a photo of whatever you see from where you’re sitting. Send it to me – that’s my souvenir.”

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Au Pif: Chard Frittata

Frittata are easy, gluten-free, and easy to have vegetarian. Get my recipe here.

I love vegetables, and the tender, colorful leaves of rainbow chard are high on the list of things that set my heart aflutter. When I saw a few succulent bunches at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market this past weekend, I grabbed one right away and held on to it like a bridal bouquet.


One of my favorite ways to use chard, spinach, kale, and other leafy greens is in a quiche or a frittata. I find the vegetal, iron flavor of the greens pairs very well with the rich taste of eggs.

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Local Market: February 4, 2017

A weekly report from the farmers’ market, with a salad idea and recipe for basic vinaigrette.

I love to eat locally and in season, because keeping track of the shifting options at the market helps me pay attention to subtle changes in the season. One example: for at lest three of the past weekends, there has been gorgeous radicchio at the Ithaca Farmers’ Market.

This past weekend I went, intending to get some heads of it to make a salad – for which my friend Hannes wanted the recipe – to share on this blog. But, just like that, no radicchio. Did someone else get it all? Is it a sign of a minute shift toward spring (even though it feels like it will never come)? I don’t know, but time will tell.

Instead, I found a great selection of leafy greens and root veggies to inspire me. Keep an eye on this blog for a chard frittata recipe, coming on Thursday morning. In the meantime, here’s a look and what I got… and the little salad I couldn’t resist making after unpacking it all.


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Paris for New Year’s: Day 1

For New Year’s 2015, I went  to Paris for eight days with my well-dressed partner in crime, Salvatore. This a longer post with many photos, because that’s what I personally enjoy in a travel bog! If you have any questions, specific or grand, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to answer them in my next post. J’apprends le français, desole pour mes erreurs.

On Christmas Day, we woke up in Salvatore’s parent’s apartment on Printer’s Row in Chicago. It was a gorgeously sunny, but frigid, day, and we spent the morning making biscotti, looking at vacation spots for their next trip, and playing with the most adorable new member of the family, baby Rosalie. I have to admit, it was a little hard to pack up and leave that warm room full of in-laws, grandmothers, and good cheer. Knowing that I was headed to Paris helped me out the door, though!

The plan was to sleep through the nine and a half hour flight, but Sal hates flying and we had a pretty rough time of it – despite a few G&T’s, movies, and my super-classy Hello Kitty eye-mask. When we landed in Charles de Gaulle airport, however, those few patchy hours of sleep were quite enough for us. We headed out into the airport and bought museum passes*, then found our way to the train station. Eating sad airport ham sandwiches on the RER B train, we watched the suburbs of Paris flash by, then give way to the city itself. I really enjoyed seeing the odd little stone farmhouses still standing among the new white block developments, proudly holding the line of history. I appreciate the way Parisian development will simply flex around some of those older buildings, despite their odd angles and quirky façades.

Once we arrived in the city (now December 26th), it was easy to find our Air BnB; we were very lucky to rent a spot in Place Dauphine, on Île de la Cité. This is the western island in the Seine, which also sports Sainte Chappelle and Notre Dame. Despite our host being out and his friend, our contact, mostly speaking Portuguese and French, we got our keys with a warm welcome. Then we lugged our bags up six spiraling flights of stairs to our beautiful, sunlit flat.

“We’ll get some coffee and go right out…” we said. “Staying up and staying active during the day is the only way to avoid jet lag!”

(cue three-hour nap in our clothes)

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